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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 10, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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it's good to see you. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. laura ingraham and pastor robert jeffress among our guests. good night. kennedy: president trump going his own way on everything from healthcare to homeland security. can he succeed where congress and past administrations have failed? did north korea really kill owl of our secret -- steel awful our secret war plans? hillary clinton offering advice on opt for female democrats on how to win the white house. why would they listen?
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kennedy: president trump seems happiest with chaos raining around him. he diss powerful senators like mccain and corker. if he's all naight the gop it's because it's a man without a party using brute force and twitter to reshape the one he barely belongs to. whether he's putting a fork in corker, there has to be method to his madness. he says he likes to keep his strategy secret. so we have no idea what the goal is. the president has the power to mend damaged fence as evidenced by his outings with senators paul and graham. he has given up on legislative
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victory thanks to senator mcconnell's inability to pass anything larger than a kidney stone. so he is allowing people to buy their own insurance and if that translates to lower healthcare cars and a better economy. maybe it's not madness after all. i'm kennedy. ed the president is bush whacking through washington with a machete. can he got it alone? dan henneberg joins me.
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welcome back to the show. what is the benefit of being a man without a party who also happens to be the leader of the free world? >> i don't see a lot of you have side. to succeed a president generally needs his party to support him. if you don't get enough more votes than the other side, you lose. you have got to get the votes. now we are going through to the budget resolution shortly which will enable him to do tax reform. he's going to have to be able to hold together enough votes to win on that reform bill. kennedy: it seems like i's punching hard at these republicans. john mccain and bob corker.
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an does the same with jeff flake and others who he perceived to be a threat. >> trump is trump. he's never going to change and he's all about donald trump. he forces everyone around him to adapt to his reality. there is a sense at which maybe people have to do that. chris ruddy in the washington post said, look, with trump it's like with corker is not the end of the relationship. >> for other people it would be. >> wash it typically is. who can doubt president lyndon johnson who raged around the white house every night screaming obscenities at his opponents would never go public with it.
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trump has torched sessions several times supposedly trying to force him out. jeff sessions just rolls along gettinged the job done. giving a wonderful speech on whether it's immigration or free speech. the rest of washington will have to decide if they want to continue forcing their their ageneral dats or adapt to donald trump. kennedy: it's not going to work for corker, it didn't work for the candidates on the republican side, and all it does is add fuel to a fire. but i think there is some method to it? i realize we are in unorthodoxed territory. we haven't seen this
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manifestation before. >> i think it's high-risk strategy for donald trump. he's burning bridges around him. and that's diminishing the loyalty these individuals had to him in the first place. there will become a crunch time when the special prosecutor starts handing up indictments. it could be his own family. at that time the president needs the support of people around him. ed the way trump is going, people are going to stand back and say you are on your own, dude. if you wanted 230 to fight these fights on your own wrk we are not going to fight with you. kennedy: the president continues to fight his battles washington.
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here is what stephen smith had to say. he's winning base turned it into something the players didn't intend to. they will have to find another mechanism to make their voice heard because trump has won this round. kennedy: two days after vice president pence walked out of an indianapolis colts game when thee several players on the 49ers knelt. it had the desired effect of forcing the nfl to take action. commissioner roger goodell sent an email to all 32 teams. we believe everyone should stand for the national anthem. it's an important moment in our game. we want to honor our flag, our
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country, and our fans expect that of us. why did it take roger goodell to long to issue a statement? is it the vice president walking out? or is it a backlash from fans in the stadium and at home watching tv. rich: when truck spoke out it got to be a 50-50 issue. if you are trump sitting at 40%, 50-50 is a tremendous win. but if you are the nfl and you want to appeal to all your fans, 50-50 is a disaster for you. they were moved by the emotions
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of the moment to tie it on to "the national anthem" and you see signs they are going to buckle ken were it's so divisive and exhausting. and we are not going anywhere. we are spinning our wheels into mud. >> it was definitely a win for the president. as a giants fan i consider myself an expert on losses. but i do think, it's a win on behalf of veterans. that this did turn into. he repurpose the argument. but the people who oppose this protest oppose it out of respect for veterans of all colors.
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kennedy: i believe when you see vet ands at the game or members of the military you can furl a giant flag, it's a beautiful moment. but it's about more than this. a lot of nfl players who come from military families say i love the military. i support the military, but i'm protesting something that's wrong in this country. >> for people who want to protest police brutality, they chose a bad way from an optical perspective to get their message across. we look back at the six and say they were pushing for a good cause. but even back then they wrapped themselves in the flag. they said we are pushing to make america it best version of
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itself. i think it wound up putting them on the side against people who just want to pledge the flag, who love america. they took a very worthy cause and set themselves up. the rest of you don't get it. kennedy: you lost site of something, this is what we are fighting for. there have been explosive new developments in sexual harassment allegations involving harvey weinstein. gweneth paltrow and angelina jolie have accused him of inappropriate behavior when they were trying to get into the
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industry. despite how allegedly common his transgressions were, some people are saying they weren't aware of his behavior, including george clooney and meryl streep. kristen. it's interesting because these allegations are getting incredibly serious. when you talk about sexual assault. is there a level of complicitness with those who knew this behavior was taking place and members of the press who sat on the story? >> i think in 2013 it was seth macfarland introducing the women nominated for best actress. he said you women don't have to
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pretend to be attracted to harvey weinstein anymore. i don't blame someone like george clooney for not speaking out but an open secret like this. we are in a moment in america where powerful people need to be worried. that just being powerful -- kennedy: after seeing what happened here with roger ai lerks s and bill o'reilly -- with roger ailes and bill o'reilly. powerful people have had their way for a long time and there is a revolution. rich: the most of shock revelation to me was george clooney can act. when he said he knew nothing about this. he need a second oscar for claiming he knew nothing about this. everyone in hollywood knew this
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was going on. in your place of work, if your boss does anything. that's the way gossip works. now manage the boss got naked and at, m & ms off the floor. kennedy: also the pattern of abuse. hillary clinton finally spoke out about the swine stein allegations. -- about the weinstein allegations. i was shocked and appalled about the allegations about harvey swine stein. the behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. relationship * weinstein was a supporter. rich: weinstein was a supporter and friend.
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reporters actually experienced this themselves in many case. abusive conduct. and no one wanted to break the code of silence because there is no percentage in it. he might like a story and make a tv show out of it. or your editor. kennedy: my friend went up to him and called him a d.i.q. he said i don't care, you can't treat people like that. if somebody who was a stranger around him saw something firsthand. everybody else around him did. meryl streep and george clooney said they fought with him creatively. it's hollywood, gossip travels.
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kennedy: just when you thought the nuclear standoff with north korea couldn't get any worse. according to a report the north has stolen all the war plans of the united states. everything from kim jong-un's assassination plans to the location of key military installations. we are told it happened last year they they broke into the south korean data program. do these new reports change our strategy for dealing with the rogue nation? joining me, a former cia senior analyst. and she served on the national security council for presidents bush and obama. how big is this hack?
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how serious is this data breach? >> it's serious because they know our war plans and what we are planning to do. but north korea has a significant cyber capability. kennedy: we hear that their infrastructure is so bad and their internet is so slow and confined we assume they don't have hacking capabilities. do you think this fuels some of their confidence and swagger against the united states and south korea? >> they have a nuclear cars mall to attack the united states. but yes, they have been focusing on cyber capabilities. the kids from grade school, middle school, high school. kennedy: i'm sure they operate
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literally with guns to their heads. and i'm sure it's a pretty negative incentive. our president is going to visit the dmz. how about this different view of the region change his mind? >> i'm not sure it will change his mind but i think it would be good for him to be there staring into north korea. i hope mr. trump understands when north koreans have 10,000 military pieces, they are 16 seconds away from seoul. kennedy: he tends to change his mind based on evidence, empirical evidence he's presented with. that happened in syria when he saw babies were dying and how that video of the chemical attack sort of what made him spring into action and rain
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missiles on syria. so do you worry that if he sees this firsthand and he does have an emotional reaction it will escalate impending war as general mattis, defense secretary mattis said. the army stands ready if diplomacy fails. >> i hope it will have the opposite effect. that south korea could be decimated. the 20 million people living in seoul. 200,000 americans ex-pats living in seoul. kennedy: a lot of people in south korea have relatives and loved ones they haven't spoken to in decades in north korea. what do they do to get information to their friends?
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>> south and north korea have been divided completely. it's not like the case the two of germanys. there is no contact. divide families have no way of reaching each other. kennedy: what do the defectors say? >> they are anti-north korean regime. they fled the country. kennedy: has there been so much propaganda that they believe what the kim family has been telling them for decades. >> the information gets in through the north korea-china border and they are now more exposed to information even though they don't talk about it. thank you so as much for being
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. kennedy: president trump confirming he plans to go around congress when passing a healthcare bill. he says i will be using the power of the pen to give great healthcare to many people. rand paul responded saying this will be a great plan and a big deal for millions. americans i have been working with @real donald trump for months on this. reason this. peter suderman, welcome back to the show. i was always resentful of the massive executive orders
8:30 pm
president obama signed. as we saw with immigration, those orders can be rescind. it can be taken away by single payer happy democrats. >> there is always a risk to executive orders that the next president can say no i won't do that anymore. however, congress mass proven itself pretty basically unable to act. republicans and congress are admitting they are not going to be able to repeal obamacare or rewrite it through any of the things they wanted to do. so president trump is saying what can we do now? are we stalk with obamacare? the question is what do they do? democrats say let's property it
8:31 pm
up. let's try to make it work. let's try to create an alternative system that will provide alternative relief for some people. i like the idea, i think it's fantastic. these could be pieces of individual legislation. instead of writing an executive order, why can't congress write a simple bill allowing this to happen. >> congress put together legislation on this floating around for years. there was a bill in 2005. the house passed a bill allowing freer association health plans to be created in march. this is something hand paul has been working with the president on this. he has been touting the benefits
8:32 pm
for years. this not an appetite in the senate. >> you can't attack one president for overusing executive orders then go ahead and use executive orders when congress is standing in your way it's his own party. president trump said if republic can't aren't going to work with me, i have got a penn and a phone. where do we go from here? >> there are serious risks. liberals will say doing this under mines the obamacare markets. water in doing is providing an escape hatch for healthy people to buy less expensive plans. those markets were already melting down, and there is -- this is an effort to provide some relief to some people. i'm not sure it's going to work all that well. i think there are real political risks. i think this is in some ways a
8:33 pm
kind of clever creative way to try to get around the problems of obamacare given that congress has basically proven itself totally unable to work. ken rrm thank you very much. hillary clinton is on the road again like a band of gypsies. she is not just promoting her new book. yesterday she stopped at u.c. davis in california. the former presidential candidate was asked about future candidates. elizabeth warren and kamala harris. she warned if they threw their hats in the:ring, they would need a high pain threshold because it's a higher standard
8:34 pm
for women. what does crying sexism do for hillary clinton and what does it do for us as a grieving nation? >> if i'm a democrat i have to be wondering why does hillary clinton keep reef litigating the 2016 campaigns over and over in the news. i get for a lot of democrats it's an emotional thing. they believe the he liks election was invalid and the only way she could have lost is she lost because people were sexist. it temperatures frustrating to me base want to see more women in politics. and i believe sexism is a real thing. but this message of you are a victim and you are never going to be able to succeed.
8:35 pm
is she the best person to be giving advice to people? >> she is like the friend that's been divorced four times that's telling you how to handle your marriage. she is packing up her stuff and moving to a third apartment. hillary has been throanl out of the bar and is still pleading her case with the bouncer show is standing there with his arms folded like this. why did i swap shifts with vinny tonight. i have to stand here and listen to this woman. kennedy: if elizabeth warren or camel a --or kamala harris get e nomination it proves gender mad nothing to do with hillary clinton's loss. >> women have to deal with a
8:36 pm
nature of attacks men don't. but she is an awful politician. she tried to couple with an identity and she didn't have one. if she went away and did something else. kennedy: maybe she'll write another book. coming up. new details emerged in the timeline of the las vegas shooting. could they have got to the shooter's room sooner? and would that have mattered? [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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kennedy: clark county sheriff joseph lombardo admitting the time line events changed dramatically. >> the time shine associated with the original shot from mr. campos has changed. is a construed you from the beginning your zest for information and my zest to insure the public safety and calming of their minds, some things will change. they are minute changes. they are not all encompassing answers. it's not completely inaccurate. but what we have learned is mr. campos was encountered by the suspect prior his shooting
8:41 pm
outside world. kennedy: that doesn't sound minute to me. the gunman shot the security guard 6 minutes before he opened up on the crowd. he later stopped his attack before police even showed up. we still have no idea what a dodges motive was. we are here to break down the latest. former fbi director ron whose -n hosco. >> this is a significant shift in our understanding of what occurred and why it occurred. the notion that this security officer was fired on at the beginning of the events changes things, i think may lead to us conclude that those actions
8:42 pm
triggered the broader shooting rather than helped to conclude it. certainly if this killer firing whether it's five rounds or 200 rounds as some reports would have us believe. firing that number of rounds inside the mandalay bay is going to bring a police response. it could be from what he saw on his cameras triggered this shooting and decided i have to go right now, even though he may not have been fully prepared for the shooting that was going to follow. maybe there would have been fewer casualties. perhaps there would have been more if he was more prepared or had another window of time shortened by the arrival of that security officer. kennedy: does this make you rethink the police response? in the amount of time it took officers to get to that room and declare the suspect dead?
8:43 pm
it was two hours from the time the suspect was shot. >> we are talking about a hugely chaotic event. kennedy: we also learn from unfortunately we learn from each of these events. what is the take away so far? >> this is valuable. we try to help educate the public. i think the police acted with immense heroism, whether they arrived on that floor in five minutes or 25 minutes. think of the chaos on the streets and all the calls coming in with the injured from other venues and the police trying to piece this together thinking what do we have and where do we have it? kennedy: they have officers at
8:44 pm
10 and 12 saying the shooting is coming from right above us. i want to shift to motive. that seems to be the question. now people are saying, is there something we are not being told? is it possible this person operated in such a horrific way with no one knowing what he was up to or cape be of? that seems absolutely impossible? are we not being told something? what does your instinct tell you about motive? >> my sense with respect to what we are being told, i think the sheriff is doing a great job keeping us informed. are there things we are not being told? absolutely. the law enforcement wants the investigative advantage. they want to get to places before the media does to ask their questions. there are some things that are partial, incomplete, and law
8:45 pm
enforcement will responsibly hold back from us. this is a complexion situation. the human psyche is complex. kennedy: when you say there's something we don't know. do you think there was a mysterious secret ideology fueling him that we have to be protected from knowing about? >> i don't think it's the latter. i think it could well be. i have a hard time believing the girlfriend was -- did not see him acquiring neither guns nor ammunition to shoot from those beguns in large amounts. that's something i would want to know more about. mental illness is at work. and it could be that law enforcement is going after those medical records, trying to identify doctors, anybody he got prescription drugs from and trying to drill down into what was going on in his mind.
8:46 pm
was it anxiety or depression. kennedy: a lot of people suffer from anxiety and depression. but it doesn't push them over the edge to do what this guy said. something caused this. that in and of itself is anxiety induce for so many people who don't want to see this horrific history repeated. the "topical storm" is next. stay right here. see a breakdown of costs. what? it's just.... we were going to ask about it but we weren't sure when. so thanks. being upfront is how edward jones makes sense of investing. ♪ ca♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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kennedy: before further i would like to wish a 48th birthday to hall of fame quarterback brett favre. he's the all-time leader in victories and snap chats. topic number one we begin in the nfl where the minnesota vikings are making headlines with an unconventional touchdown celebration. for those of you browns fans watching, a touchdown is a lay that earns -- is a play that earns your team 6 point by advancing the page to the end zone.
8:51 pm
someone need to tell the vikings, when they say act like you have been there before, they didn't mean preschool. from their part the bears players didn't seem to mind. most of of them looked the other way like they were working for harvey weinstein. hop i can number two. first le bron james lost his point guard. now he's losing his driver. >> no pressure too great. no stage too big. i'm not afraid of anything. >> your car is here. the king is in an ad campaign to show that autonomous cars are safer than human drives. it would resonate with tiger
8:52 pm
woods. le bron's campaign is called fearless. so brave. it will run until the neighbor season starts at which point he will be taking a back seat to no no one *, except the golden state warriors. northern state university of michigan is offering a batch loor of arts studies in mayor juan ka chemistry to bert prepare them for a career at little ceasars. the offering is causing great controversy because the school is charging student for things they could learn for free. but despite that controversy the school is going forward with their plans to further emphasize their commitment. they changed their mascot from
8:53 pm
wildcat willy to wildcat willie nelson. there he is allegedly smoking reefer. topic four. mcdonalds decided to bring home the dipping sauce. this is a real story. hundreds of people lined up outside a california mcdonald's chanting, we want sauce. but the restaurant couldn't get them dipping sauce or self-awareness. they announced they will be bringing back mass quantity this winter. and anyone who cares enough to show up for it will receive a
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kennedy: california is a beautiful place. i lived there for the better part of 25 years. but the golden state is
8:59 pm
literally burn together ground. the firefighters are saying they are some of the most of intense they have ever seen. more than a dozen people have died. tens of thousands of acres singed to a crisp. the left, they are screaming global warming. well in fact the major culprits are idiotic regulations. lift the ban on clearing scrub brush and dead trees. loosen the regulations that limit loggers from clearing dead brush in forests. thank you so much for watching the show. you can follow me on twitter and
9:00 pm
instagram. and email tomorrow on the show judge andrew napolitano, lisa boothe and lawrence jones. beholder. so meet the beholders. >> these paintings just did not appeal to me. and i don't think they appealed to my wife, either. >> i said, well, i guess the salvation army is as good as anyplace. we don't want them. >> but one man's trash... >> it just knocked my socks off. >> we have $50,000. >> within a few weeks, everybody knew about it. >> another's treasure. >> did you ever consider stopping? >> there is a point we all have to stop. but no.


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